August 19, 2015

Fall Movie Challenge

My bloggy friends Karen and Christina posted about this last week, and I just can't stop myself from joining in!  Every year Jenn hosts this fabulous movie challenge...

Here are the rules:
the movie challenge begins one minute past twelve a.m. september first / concludes midnight november thirtieth. you may NOT use a film you have already seen, even in part (excluding trailers), for this challenge. all films MUST be new to you. each film chosen for the challenge may be used ONLY ONCE, i.e. a film used for the something miraculous category may not be used for the personal victory one as well. all films selected for the challenge MUST have a page on the internet movie database. films can be viewed in the theater or at home, but all films must have (had) a theatrical release; made-for-television movies are not eligible.

the first three people to complete the challenge prior to november thirtieth will each receive a redbox gift card valued at twenty dollars. the one person to accumulate the most points at the contest’s conclusion will receive an amazon gift card valued at fifty dollars. each film is valued at ten points, yielding a total points of two hundred fifty. details of a bonus round will be revealed october fifteenth. 

to participate, you must be a member of the fall film challenge facebook group. once you have joined and chosen your films to fit the below categories, post your list to the group’s page or email it to criticalcrass at me dot com so that i may add your selections to a master list. only those who have submitted lists to me are eligible for the prizes. 

Here's my list:
oneany set in new york cityLimitless I figure this will be good to knock out at the beginning before the TV show starts!
two. any incorporating hot air balloons in the story. Casanova (2005)
three. any featuring a child as the main character.  The Professional
four. any disney filmWreck-It Ralph  I know, I'm one of a handful of people who haven't seen this...
five. any set in egypt OR have an egyptian character OR star an egyptian actor/actressTransformers: Revenge of the Fallen
six. a close friend or family member’s favorite film. Into the Wild  This is one of my brother's favorite movies.  I've read the book...but never seen the movie.
seven. any with the word great in the title Oz the Great and Powerful  I love the Wizard of Oz, so I think this will be fun to compare/contrast against.
eight. any starring harrison ford. The Age of Adeline
nine. any featuring an idiot as the main characterOur Idiot Brother
ten. any mentioned in levis strauss’ listdenim in the oscars: a look at jeans in cinema. Drive.  It's by's the only movie on the list I haven't seen.
eleven. a film about a knight. Season of the Witch
twelve. a love storyThe Best of Me...because who can say "no" to a Nicholas Sparks book, turned into a movie?!
thirteen. a movie about something miraculousThe Martian
fourteen. any starring an actor/actress with the same first name as yoursMargot at the Wedding
fifteen. a film about the olympicsMiracle
sixteen. a film on time magazine’s listthe top ten newspaper movies. State of Play
seventeen. any with a question in the titleDid You Hear About the Morgans?
eighteen. any with a score of ninety percent or greater on rotten tomatoesSilver Linings Playbook
nineteen. a film about a superheroIron Man III
twenty. any with subtitlesLeviathan
twenty-one. any incorporating unicorns in the storyInkheart
twenty-two. a film about a personal victoryThe Theory of Everything
twenty-three. a film with black or white in the titleWhite God (It's not what it sounds's a story about a dog a man gave up and the girl that tries to get him back.)
twenty-four. any set in a country you would most like to visitThe Decoy Bride
twenty-five. a film set in a zooFierce Creatures

Have you seen any of these movies?  Have suggestions for alternate ones?  I want to know!



  1. Yay! I'm so excited you're doing this too!

    Seriously, though, you haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook?? I LOVE THAT MOVIE!

  2. This sounds so cool! Oz The Great and Powerful was pretty good.

  3. That is super cool. My family is crazy go nuts for movies!!

    Ziggy Out!!

  4. hey! i really love that you put up a blog post about this challenge. the shout out is most appreciated. (but i'm jenn, not caitlyn....)

  5. You may have already seen it, but my favorite movie I've seen lately is Wild. It would fit in "personal victory" for sure. I haven't seen a lot of these you've listed, but the ones I have were great!

  6. Woohoo! This challenge is going to be so fun. I just reserved five DVDs from my library, so I hope to get a good start this weekend.

  7. Love your list! The Age of Adeline, Theory of Everything, and Silver Linings Playbook are great picks!!

  8. I loved Silver Linings Playbook. I wish all of us blogger folks could get together for one massive viewing of The Martian!

  9. Such a great list but I hated Oz the Great and Powerful. It was so slow in parts and I ended up falling asleep in the cinema. You may like it but for me it was nothing like the Wizard of Oz minus a few bits here and there. I may be biased to the original though ha!
    I watched the Age of Adeline yesterday for this challenge and it was brilliant!

  10. I loved Silver Linings Playbook! (It may or may not have reduced me to tears.) The Professional is also really good, though I wouldn't say it's a favorite. I also want to see several of the movies you listed like The Martian (I still need to read the book!), Limitless, The Theory of Everything, and Into the Wild.


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