August 21, 2015

Five on Friday - Heatwaves, Facebook Pages, Doggy Stuff and Friday Funnies, OH MY!

Happy Friday, everyone!  As noted in my title, we've been ever-so-lucky to have a heatwave here over the past week and fingers crossed, I think it finally broke!  This girl would rather be cold than hot.  After all - there's only so much you take off and maintain your dignity, but you can always add another layer!

I'm happily linking up with April again this week. :-)

You all love FREE as much as me, right?!  Have you ordered your free pet tag from Shutterfly yet?  Act quick and get yours with promo code: DOGGIETREAT.  :-)  The freebie only last through midnight tonight!  Brady is my lucky recipient of the freebie.  I think gray will look nice against his red fur!

Fall is coming (thank goodness), but this accurately depicts how I feel about companies starting to put out their pumpkin spice "stuff" already.  By the way, I'm a weirdo...who doesn't like pumpkin spice ever, so I find this graphic even funnier!

Calling all runners (and walkers).  My rescue, Little Paws Dachshund Rescue, is holding our First Annual "Dachshund Dash" Virtual 5K.  Register HERE and then you'll have two weeks starting on September 19th to do your 5K and record your time.  :-)  Register before August 31st, and you get a $5 discount.  Share the registration link on Facebook and you automatically get another $5 off.  The registration software tracks social shares!

I mentioned to you all last week that I finally took the leap and created a Facebook page for this humble little blog.  I've decided that I'll be doing a little David's Tea giveaway when the page reaches 100 followers.  You know...because I love you all.  And because I'm obsessed with David's Tea!

I know that most of the country hates the New England Patriots right now.  (Sorry!) But the new commercial for Sports Center is making everyone here giggle.



  1. Oo see I love pumpkin spice stuff. Especially pumpkin spice drinks.

  2. Oh my gosh YES to number two! I'm not ready yet! We still have at least a week of summer. I love pumpkin stuff but I will NOT be ready for it until the first day of October!

  3. That commercial totally makes me giggle.

    Speaking of hating the Patriots, Chris HATES Tom Brady. So I gave him some silly Buzzfeed quiz last night that says what quarterback you're most like and he got Tom Brady. Cracked me up!

    Anyway, yay for pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

  4. I totally agree with the pumpkin thing! It's still in the 100s here with minimum 80% humidity. I don't wanna see that crap!

  5. I would rather by cold than hot any day myself. Pumpkin stuff doesn't bother me. I love the fall, and it's sign of that coming. Now Christmas music too early, THAT makes me insane!


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