August 14, 2015

Five on Friday...

Happy Friday!  Lately, it seems like an accomplishment to have made it through the week.  Am I alone in feeling that way?

I'm linking up with the lovely April again this week.  :-)

A few days ago, I took the plunge and started a Facebook page for Weiner Tales!  Click on my little social media button and it will take you there now instead of to my personal profile.  :-)

Have you seen the videos that Sean Hayes and his husband Scott do?  They never cease to bring a smile to my face!  Flo Rida liked the one they did of  "I Don't Like It" so much that he put it on his YouTube channel.  You can see them all on Sean's Facebook page.

Is it weird that I'm ready for fall so my favorite TV shows come back and to check out all the new shows premiering?  I'm so excited to see the new Muppets, for Marvel's Agents of Shield to come back and Scorpion too!  What shows are you looking forward to?

Have you heard of David's Tea?  They are a Canadian company that just opened a location in the shopping plaza between my office and my house (a distance of less than three miles) and given my new obsession with iced's a dangerous thing!  I'm catching the tail end of their $1 tea program for the summer and drinking my way through their tea wall.  Someone stop me!

Last...I saw this, and couldn't help but smile.  Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Happy Friday! That video is hilarious!

  2. Those teas sound delicious! I'd love to try the honeydew one!

  3. Love Sean's videos, so funny. So excited for Scorpion to come back and the TGIT shows.

  4. I love Sean and Scott so much! They're hilarious. I am so ready for fall TV too! I need to sit down and figure out when all the premieres are so I can DVR everything.

  5. Mmmm...I love tea! I'm going to have to check them out. Those flavors sound awesome!

  6. I'm looking forward to the new Fall shows as well!

  7. I think I'm much more excited for the new Muppet show than I should be. Chris just shakes his head, but he doesn't understand!


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