August 02, 2009

Musical Monday - Fidelity

It's Monday again, ladies. I hope you all had fun-filled weekends! Mine was quiet again...but that's just fine with me. I watched a few movies (Death Race- which I DON'T recommend & Becoming Jane- which I really liked), played some video games (I'm a geek and really like my Nintendo DS), and finished two books and knitting a scarf. Yep, nice and low key... :-)

I love this song! Regina Spektor has a great voice, the video in black & white is aesthetically pleasing and then there's a third reason. See, every time I hear this song I laugh; not because it's a funny song, but because I can still hear JC & G singing it to me. We went out to a bar one night last November and they sang to me in the car. Good times!

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. good choice, I love this song!

  2. I saw Death Race too and thought it was okay.

    Glad you're feeling better.

    Have a Happy Monday too.

  3. P.S. I love Regina's voice in the song she sings with Eddie Money, Take Me Home Tonight.

  4. Never heard of her, never heard the song, but would you believe I actually watched one of your videos? And I liked it! She's got a sweet voice and she's cute to look at. Wait, that sounded lesbo. Oops. I'm not. Really!

    Justine :o )

  5. have not heard of her till the song and the b/w background so i can just concentrate on the lyrics....thanks for sharing.

    mum likes DianaKrall and i must say i like her too since i've been forced to listen endlessly.......


  6. OMG ... RLA heard this song back in January when he was out flying in Vegas for 3 weeks. I got a text that said to check my email right away and to not be afraid to take my other foot off the ground. The email had this video in it! And maybe now I'm a little teary eyed! Great song!

  7. Hey Cole
    I spent my Saturday from 9am till 10pm at Aquatica, Seaworlds new waterpark. I took my girls and Justine's daughter Madison and now I need a vacation.. I am still in recovery from the sun and fun!

  8. Read my book, played with the kids... tried so hard to stay cool and failed. Went to the toy store!!! Played Uno and Mexican Train with my sister. Fun times!

  9. I loved Becoming Jane (and James McAvoy), although the ending made me teary-eyed. I also love my DS! Which games did you play?

  10. wow!! BAKED french toast?! Yes please!!

    Hope you're having a fabulous week! Thanks for the sweet comments.. they make my day!! :D


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