August 09, 2009

Musical Monday - That's Not My Name

Happy Monday gang! It was a busy, but great weekend. :-) I hope you all relaxed and had some fun.

Saturday morning I picked up my car after it "visited" two mechanics in the past 4 days. You see, Tuesday I left work and noticed that my car was lop-sided. Flat tire...GRR!

I called AAA and they came (promptly too; score!). It was all good until I was half-way home and my "check engine" light came on.

Wednesday morning I called and brought my car to my regular mechanic (and when I say regular - I mean he's seen the two cars I have had in my life). He was nice enough to call before he started work and the conversation went a little like this...

Sarkis (yes, his name really is Sarkis): We have a good news/bad news situation.
Me: Good news first, please.
Sarkis: Well, you didn't have a tire blow out on the highway.
Me: Urg...huh?!?!
Sarkis: Well, you ran over a nail which gave you a flat tire. Then one of your other tires has stress cracks in it. You need to replace two tires.
Me: Um, OK. So, that wasn't too bad. No more bad news, right?
Sarkis: Sorry, but that was all the good news.
Me: (OH, SHIT!) Okay.
Sarkis: You need a new catalytic converter.
Me: Okay.
Sarkis: I could do the job... but it will cost you.
Me: So, what are my options?
Sarkis: Not to tell you what to do, but I've already made an appointment for you tomorrow morning with the Chevy dealership. It should be under warranty.

And IT WAS!!! Not a cent for parts, or labor, or anything! And better yet - the Tahoe came back nice and clean. :-) The rest of Saturday consisted of all the errants I should have been running Tuesday through Friday.

Sunday was fun and family-centric. Kirstren's little boy got Christened (or is it Baptised?... I confuse the two.) and then there was a BBQ. I love that kid!

I made white Sangria and quickly realized that at the next family BBQ (in a few weeks), I need to triple or quadruple the recipe. That stuff went like wildfire. It could be that everyone needed a drink... but I'm still taking it as a compliment. My milk chocolate chip and hazelnut brownies disappeared pretty quick too.

So, I've heard this song a few times and something about it is REALLY familiar to me. It just has a really similar rhythm to another song, but I can't put my finger on what song it is. What do you think? Regardless, it's a nice peppy song. :-)

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. Sangria, that is one drink I haven't had during "Happy Hour." I think I will mention it to my sister.

    The milk chocolate chip and hazelnut brownies
    sound absolutely delightful. I've never tried that combination in a brownie before.

    Adorable pictures.

    Happy Monday to you too.

  2. mmmmm, brownies! :-)

    thank goodness the converter was covered!

  3. You gotta love it when repairs are under warranty!!
    And now I will sing that dumb Ting-Ting song for the rest of the day. They keep playing it over and over again on the radio. I'm over it!

  4. I had the same problem with a catalytic converter only days after the warranty expired! Lucky for me, the replacement didn't fix the problem on the car so it was still free! My dad ended up finding the real problem which was more simple than the converter!

  5. Hey Cole! I'm sorry it has been a while since I've stopped by. Mom has been sick and I've had to take care of her. You humans take a lot of work! Thanks for the award...I was surprised when I read it! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Flat tires are a bummer. has a product that goes in the tire. The video shows a tire running over spikes and staying inflated.

    Glad you are safe.


  7. Glad you had a good time. The sangria was tasty, brownies were "delish" and your mom's lemon squares YUMMY! I have been picking at them this evening. Please send me some of your photos from the festivities. I see you got some nice ones!!

  8. Woo hoo that the part and labor was covered!

    Christening/baptism is the same thing.

    I want some of that sangria!

    Justine :o )


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