August 16, 2009

Musical Monday - A Punk (Vampire Weekend)

Happy Monday, ladies! It's been a great (but H.O.T) weekend!

I started my Saturday by visiting my hairdresser and getting a trim & highlight. I just love it when someone plays with my hair! The highlight of Sunday was going to the beach with Kirstren and her son. I didn't get burned (ok..maybe a little pink in a few spots) this time. Way to go SPF 70!

The theme of my weekend was vampires.

I read 2 and a half Sookie Stackhouse (aka Charlaine Harris' "Dead" series) books.....

Ordered Tru Blood from the HBO website as a little gift to myself and Kirstren.....

Am super excited about the new episode of True Blood...

and I'm sharing a song from Vampire Weekend with you now.

What did you do this weekend? Any other True Blood fans out there?


  1. I FINALLY got around seeing last week's episode that I missed and just finished watching this week's.

    That is one drinkie I cannot wait to taste.

    Have a Happy Monday yourself too.

  2. My mom is reading the Twilight series right now but she isn't usually a vampire kind of gal. She has been surprised at how much she likes the series so far though....maybe she will become a vampire gal! My dress actually came from Lorenza. I acquired the pattern from her and she sent me a dress to go along with it! She is very sweet. Usually my tshirts just come from Target or WalMart. If you want to see some dresses you should visit Lorenza's blog if you haven't already. Matter of fact, the most recent dress she has on is the fabric I sent her as a thank you! It has watermelons on it.

  3. Wasn't True Blood good last night?!?! I'm sad there's only 3 episodes left!

    Keep us updated on how the TruBlood tastes, I'm curious ;-)

  4. mumster is definitely not into vampires but she's into soooo many other things i would need another blog just to list them .....

    do tell me as i'm a drinking kind of does that TruBlood tastes like?????
    chikisses for a fab week for you ...

  5. a vampire girl after my own heart! very excited about this prospect of buying true blood...


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