August 15, 2009

An Office Invasion

I mentioned before that my building at work has been invaded with these teeny, tiny fruit-fly like things. At this point we are pretty sure that they are actually fungus flies.

Unfortunately - that hasn't made building management do anything to get rid of them. Instead, we spend all day looking like idiots trying to swat away or kill these stupid things.

I had an epiphany. (I know; soooo unexpected!) There's a way to get rid of these little suckers and have fun doing it....kinda.

This swatter uses 2 "D" batteries and zaps flies, mosquitoes, etc with 1500 volts. It says that there is no messy clean-up, but then state that the offending winged creature "explodes". I, for one, think that just might create a mess.

Do you have one of these? If so, I want to hear all about it before I buy them for everyone in my department!

And, yes, I'm shocked at myself that I'm actually doing a post on insects. Sigh.


  1. that thing sounds awesome! I'd use it :-)

  2. Sounds cool!! But yeah,there would have to be a mess, right? Ew! Little tiny charred exploded bug pieces.

  3. I've seen that bug fly zapper in stores but had no idea the insect explodes!

  4. I know, I was shocked I was doing a post on insects the other day too. We should have much more exciting things in our lives to blog about! No, I don't have one of those things, but I sure wish I did now that I see it! You'll have to let me know how it works if you get one.

  5. Hi Cole,
    Glad you liked the song! My human has been driven crazy by those tiny fruit fly things lately, too...she had too much summer fruit on the counter that started to go bad and they appeared out of nowhere. It took several days to get rid of them...she put all the fruit in the fridge and eventually I guess they died off.
    Good luck!


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