November 04, 2010

Money Pit, Part II

Welcome to the newest chapter of events at Ye Olde Money Pit!  (You can catch part one here.)

Since I last chatted whined about my house, there have been a few more joyous new problems.  Oddly enough, these problems pop up on weekends (which I'm grateful for!). 

Two weekends ago the pressure gauge on my hot water heater blew.  Which, in turn, made the water pressure on all my heating registers too high and literally blew off the pressure gauges on three registers.... so water started pouring out and there were puddles everywhere.  Oh, and a fabulous new "water feature" in my dining room because the register in the spare bedroom/office leaked through the ceiling.

This past weekend the ceiling fan in the dining room leapt to its death.  One second it was on the ceiling and working - the next, it was on the ground in a heap of broken glass.  Thank God my dogs were at my parents house.  That ceiling fan would have killed them if they happened to be underneath it. house will decide it likes me soon, right?  Right?!?!


  1. Wow!! That's crazy! Was there any inclination that things like this were going to happen? Glad no one was hurt!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm glad nobody was hurt by the ceiling fan. I hope all the craziness stops soon.

  3. Ah! So scary. Yes, your house needs to decide to like you ASAP!


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