November 06, 2010

Where's The Poop?

The lovely Heather and her hubby threw their son a birthday party today.  (Happy 4th Birthday, dude!!)  As you can imagine - there were a multitude of kiddos playing inside and outside.

At this point, I should let you know that Heather has a fabulous bulldog - Shelby.  Well....nature must have called for Shelby soon before the party and the "present" she left in the back-yard was...well, it was found by a little boy.

Which, would have been a "eww" story all on its own, normally.  However, this little boy not only found the poop, but stepped in it - tracked it up the rungs of the jungle gym - around the little treehouse - and then smeared it down the slide.  He did try to clean it up off the slide...with his butt!!  Fine, it wasn't on purpose. But he did have poop ALL over his butt when he came in the house. 

A few other kids found Sheb's little present too...but not nearly as that boy.  It makes for an memorable party, right?


  1. Yuck! Yet very funny. Poop grosses me out. It amazes me everyday that I pick up ollies poop with just a little plastic bag and then I walk around with it. What in the world?

  2. Ugh! It was so awful!!! Damn those cleats!


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