November 01, 2010

Time for NaBloPoMo Already?!?!

It's that time again...  November has rolled around and I'm participating in NaBloPoMo


This is my second year participating.  NaBloPoMo started out as a challenge to write a novel in a month...but, some of us just can't take on something that big.  Sure, it's expanded to run all months of the year too - but posting every day for a month once a year is challenging enough - thank you very much.
Are any of you participating too? 
Have any topics you'd like me to cover this month?
Random ideas?
Demands for pictures of my pets and house?


  1. oh yes, pics of the fur babies and the house please! :-)

  2. I knew this was coming up but I don't know that I'll do it this year. I've been posting quite a bit lately! I'd like to see pictures of your new home!


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