April 07, 2011

It's Good For A Laugh...

Have you signed up for my flip flop swap?  I'm so excited for it!!  You have until Friday at midnight to join in, and I'll post swap partners over the weekend.  :-)

I saw this video during a meeting today, and being a Red Sox fan - just had to share.  Let's not think too much about why I was watching a video during a meeting.  Mmmkay?

Who can say no to a doxie commercial?

And finally...a video of one of my high school friends (Nate) and other actor/comics lip-synching to The Flight of The Concords. (And watch Nate on Harry's Law!!)

What makes you laugh?


  1. sign me up please! :-) thanks for hosting this, I haven't participated in a swap in soooo long!

  2. awww I love that dachshund commercial SO much! I'd forgotten all about it! :)

  3. That second commercial was too cute! How had I not seen that before?!


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