September 20, 2012

Notes From Paisley - The Case Of The Missing Momma

Hi!  Iz Beckett.  Momma left her laptop open again...and I decided to help Paisley hijack da blogger account.  She seems to think most of mom's friends live in the computer.  Hmph.  She might be right!


Hi Everypuppy!
Iz da Paisley! (aka Pay-pay, Pay-ski, or Nugget) I really thunk that momma's fwiends and most of da family lived in da comfuter, but last week peoples started showing up.  Dey showed up at the glammy and grampy's house and momma had to spends ALL her times bisiting dem instead of lubbing on us.

Beckett called her a beach.  Whatever dat means! {OMD, Paisley!  NEVER admit to mom that I called her that!}

Anyway...we all gots stuck in da kitchen.  Which is kinda funny cuz deres is FIVE doors in the kitchen, so gates are everywheres.  She was gone fur hours and hours and hours.  At least, if felt dat way. Beckett managed to go through the window (indoor) that seperates da kitchen from da sunroom, so he got to lay on the sunroom lubseat.  LUCKY!

Now that family has gones back to homes, we want momma to bring us to PetSmart to pick out Hallo-weenie costumes.  We should get presents for being ignored, right? I mean, I'z only seven months old...but I like to looks pwetty and I hear Hallo-weenie is a BLAST!

What should we all be?  Crayons?  Bumblebees? Sheep?

Lubs and kissies,


  1. I love your blog's adorable! Paisley is too cute! :)

  2. Something hot dog related...of course.


  3. Hi Paisley! Don't worry about being left alone, your mama loves you dearly! Can't wait to see your Halloween costumes! All your ideas sound adorable!

  4. Sounds like Beckett was being a very bad boy! LOL!

  5. OMG epic cuteness overload!!!! I think they should be crayons! The whole hotdog this is so overdone
    Amanda and Nola

  6. Hmmm....
    Yes... You need a trip to PetSmart for a shopping spree!
    Good luck
    Kisses and hugs

  7. I've been out of the loop and didn't know you adopted another cutie pie! Paisley is adorable! Yes, of course you should get her a Halloween costume soon! Please keep us posted on what she decides to be along with pictures!

  8. Eeeeek...OMD, okays furst you is da most precious thing. You needs to has your momma post MORE fotos of ya'll. Second, I can'ts believe da momma's has furiends OUTSIDE of da 'puter...I guess my mum may has some too huh? WEIRD!
    Noows I would demand her take yu to da PetSmart fur Halloweenie costumes...I has mine already. Crayons would be an awesome idea. But her also needs to bu ya'll some more treats and stuffies to really apologize...hehehe...your momma is gonna get me furs dat. is one sly dog jumpin' through da window.


  9. Frankie and I LOVE notes from the pups! :)

  10. What about going as angels? You would be perfect!!!!!

  11. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Details on my blog!

  12. Haha, what a little cutie! So funny!


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