September 23, 2015

Fall Fashion Essentials For the This Suburbanite

I'm seeing some ADORABLE fall fashions lately.  But let's get real.  I work in an environment where sneakers and jeans are standard issue (and trust me, I'm not complaining!) and my nights & weekends are spent chasing dogs, meeting potential fosters or adopters or doing something rescue related.

So, to say that I don't need to look gorgeous on a daily basis is an understatement...

But I do have a few fall must-haves!

I love Converse All-Stars and gray is a great neutral color that can carry you through the fall.

Flip-flops and sandals are being put away.  Which is sad...but take this opportunity to wear some socks with personality!  These "mr. and mrs. sausage" socks speak to me.  I wonder why!

Heading to a football game?  Prepping for trick-or-treating?  Maybe just a really boring meeting?  An infinity flask scarf might be just what you need.  Fill it with water...or wine. I won't tell!  I am seriously considering buying a bunch of these for my friends.  So many cute colors and patterns!

Little secret...I'm not a fan of jackets.  At all.  My family and close friends come close to going into shock on the rare instance I put one on.  But layering with sweaters, sweatshirts, etc is a must for me.  I like that this sweater is structured, but not *too* structured, is a good length to dress up or down and has a hood.  :-)

Cuddle time on the couch at the end of the day?!  Fall means new pj's, in my opinion!  I think these this Del Rossa paisley set is super cute. (But less "busy" patterns are available too!)

What are fall "musts" for you this year?


*Disclosure: I'm still an Amazon Affiliate.  If you *happen* to buy, you're kindly donating a few cents to helping me funnel money into my rescue, buy the caffeine needed to be up 24/7 or get closer to paying off my doggiemobile.


  1. I love Converse! They're all I wear in the winter. Those socks are cute, too!

  2. I think that our styles are very similar! I loved everything that you posted! We need to go shopping together!

  3. I'm a converse and cardigan girl too! You're speaking my language hehe.

  4. Love your picks! I love cardigans that drape like this too! : )

  5. Love chucks! I have the white one! I would wear it everyday to work if it was allowed! Dress code calls for business attire (boo!).


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