September 11, 2015

Hide and Seek

I love my dogs.  Two of them *ahem* Brady and Paisley *ahem* have a habit of wanting to make a 3 AM potty run.

Don't they look sweet and innocent?!

I always go out with my dogs.  Sure, I have a fenced in yard...but I've told you all about the herd "kill list" so far this season, right?!  And I'd prefer not to experience them getting sprayed by a skunk either. 

Paisley is good about her pattern.  Out-potty-in.  Brady on the other hand meanders a bit, and my yard is fairly dimly lit.  Usually at the five minute mark, I start loudly whispering his name to get his buttocks back over to me so we can go in.  Well...Tuesday night he didn't reappear.  So I whispered louder.  Then I started saying his name louder...and louder...and louder.  Until I was hollering at him with a few choice words mixed in.  But he didn't show back up.

So I ran in and got a flashlight.  Then I heard noise behind the fence and started to REALLY panic. Did he escape somehow?  Is there an animal trying to get into my yard?  After about 10 minutes of circling the yard without him reappearing I went out front just in case he did get out and was running in the street.  No dice.  So I headed out back again...and there he was.  He ran up to me proud as punch.  

I was so relieved that I started to cry.  Not my finest moment.

His snazzy new, GoDoggie glow in the dark collar arrives tomorrow. (*Disclosure, this is an Amazon Affiliate link and *if* you buy, I get a few cents towards the Xanax I'll need if he tries to escape again.)

Brady - 1       Mumma - 0
He wins for now...but I demand a re-match!



  1. That is the worst feeling, thinking you've lost a fur baby!

  2. I hate that feeling! I'm glad he didn't go anywhere!

  3. Love the collar, and I love your disclaimer! LOL

  4. You poor thing! That's the worst feeling. LOL love that disclaimer!


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