September 19, 2015

Just STOP! A Photo Editing PSA...

I love Instagram filters and the auto "fixes" available on most smart phones.  I do.  Truly!  They have the ability to make your standard candid truly beautiful.  In the right hands, those filters or smart phone gadgets can crop, heighten the color, fix red eyes and a host of other really cool things!

Here's an image I found showing substantial, but natural looking changes to a selfie.  (image via)  For purposes of this post, I'm going to say it's an example of an "app success".

I know a number of amazing photographers who have Photoshop actions that fix minor blemishes, bring down the shine of their subject's perspiration, smooth the smallest of wrinkles and otherwise tweak pictures.  And I have no issue with that!  They key being that they are making small adjustments and have the sense to know what to adjust...or not.

Here, my dear friends is where I things start driving me up a wall...

For the LOVE. OF. GOD, please don't edit the crap out of your picture and then lie about it.  If you aren't a professional photographer, chances are, I spotted your edit a mile away.  If I've seen you in person - a picture of you without freckles, wrinkles or laugh lines just is not going to fly. 

(image via)

Here is an example of a makeup app "fail".  See how she is buffed to the point of blurry, has an unnatural drop shadow and an almost plastic quality?

Another example (image via).  Just not natural...

I also beg that a little practicality be utilized before using one of those auto-makeup apps.  If a baby is in your picture.  STOP.  If a man is in your picture. STOP.  Sadly, I've seen pictures on one person's Facebook wall this week that featured both a very small child and a man with makeup on because common sense was not utilized before A. using the make-up app and B. posting the darn thing to Facebook.

I guess I want to say - you're pretty just the way you are.  Please stop editing yourself to the point of being unrecognizable or unbelievable.  Or I'm going to come take your phone and delete the damn photoediting apps.  Just sayin'...



  1. Yep I totally agree. I can't stand it when you know good and well that person does not look like that in person or the photo is so edited that you can actually see the blur effect they were using to try to cover their wrinkles.

  2. YES! I have a friend that smooths her face so much in every single shot that she erases her nose. Haha! She also brightens her eyes so that her whites glow. It's crazy.


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