April 01, 2009


Hallelujah, it's the first day of the new fiscal year!! That's my bright point of the day... I SURVIVED FINDING ALL THAT FREAKING MONEY last week. And I did it without an I.V. of coffee or vodka. :-)

I don't know what it's like where you work (yes, right now I AM jealous of SAHM's!), but the first day of the fiscal year here is "OH SH!T" day. We've made it through the hailstorm of closing things up for the year end - but we now need to A. Start ALL over again & B. There's a 50/50 shot that the Senior Leadership Team thinks it's time to "liven things up".

Yes folks, that means it's likely that at some point today a major department (if we're lucky) or corporate subsidiary (if we're REALLY, REALLY unlucky) is going to go through a re-organization. Last year it happened to my department and we are just now starting to really work the way we want to. I'm praying that means that the game of corporate bingo will slide right past us and call out the numbers for someone else's group.

Oh, you ask how many re-organizations have happened since I got here almost five a half years ago (Gasp! Time flies....)?!?! In my department - 4. In my corporate subsidiary - 11 ( I kid you not).

I was a good girl and stocked up on chocolate on the way in to work. Chances are - someones going to need it; and I want to be ready.

In the meantime, I'm distributing the unofficial rules to re-orgs to the new kids on my staff:
1. Don't make eye contact with HR.
2. If you get called to a conference room unexpectedly; grab the stuff off your desk that you want. (or it WILL get picked over by the office scavengers before someone comes by to pack up your desk)
3. Look busy. Today is not the day to eat lunch in the office - if someone sees you at your desk, you better be working.
4. If someone on the senior leadership team starts walking towards you - PICK UP THE PHONE. I don't care if you call 411; being busy means that you aren't going to get asked to help hunt down the poor people that are getting layed off (Did I mention that lay-offs typically accompany re-organizations around here? Yep... fun, fun, fun. Grr!).
5. Don't expect to get anything actually accomplished today. We're lucky if we don't have a fire drill in the middle of our all employee meeting!

Cross your fingers ladies...and if you hear whimpering, it's probably me.


  1. Oh! Good luck this year! Avoid all eye contact with HR! You can do it! You need to call that number to get the time...it's free...and will keep you looking busy!

  2. At least it's over now. t must be the end of fiscal year season! I work as an accountant and can not tell you how many times I have heard that the past week or so!

  3. Beginning and end...it's all nightmarish!


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