April 02, 2009

Making The World Smell Better...

... One person at a time!

I go through hand/body lotion like nobody I know. The thing is - (as much as I LOVE lotion) it's usually not me that makes the lotion disappear so fast. I seem to be going through one of those big Bath & Body Works bottles every 2-3 weeks, and most of it is used by my co-workers.

While people are waiting to talk to me (another post on that at a later date!) they either moisturize or raid my candy jar... or both.

Is it bad that they guys are making requests for lotion that smells less girly? And anybody got any ideas on how to sneak lotion onto my expense report? Just kidding...kinda. :-)

Another post later today...


  1. I have a bottle of lotion on my desk, and my employees are always using it when they are talking to me. It bugs me like crazy! lol.

  2. Thanks for stopping by this morning! Shame on you...I am now busy over at the website selling E.L.F. makeup instead of working! :)

    No seriously, thanks for the heads up...WOW...$1.00...can't get better than that!

  3. Hahahah that would drive me insane, but at least it is a huge compliment to you!!

  4. This is why I keep mine IN my desk! (both lotion and candy)

  5. I did a training once with a group of middle schoolers and had some BBW Vanilla Bean Noel lotion as a prize (meant for the girls). The boys went CRAZY over it! I mean, they were rubbing it all over their hands and arms, sniffing, and one boy even rubbed it in his hair. So strange!


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