April 17, 2009

Social Science... Or a Night With The Girls

Last night was a girls' night. Oh, how I love them; I don't think I've laughed that hard in a LONG time!! We went to a hibachi restaurant, and then wandered into their bar/lounge. There aren't any long stories... so I'm bullet- pointing the night.

  • When you walk into the restaurant and are greeted with "are you here for speed dating?" - it's almost guaranteed to be a interesting night.
  • Hibachi is soooo fun! What a show! It was my first time at a hibachi restaurant, and I definitely want to go back.
  • Following the onion volcano...please make sure you have your eyebrows. :-)
  • Hurray for my ability to use chopsticks. No fork for me, thanks! (I know, I know... not a particularly marketable skill; but a skill nonetheless.)
  • Definitely let the group accountant play with the food bill!
  • Singing "Happy Birthday" is definitely made better with a gong. (Molly, if you see this - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
  • Dear guy who circled our group half the night and was thisclose to Sara tripping you to make you stop... either A. introduce yourself B. molest one of us & get it over with C. go away!
  • YAY for free shots and mango chapstick!!
  • To the band - I'm sorry. "Jam Nuts" isn't a good name. Not only does your band name incite a cringe in most people - it hurt to hear some of your music. Maybe if the volume wasn't turned up to 11, it might have been more pleasurable.

That was my night...and I can't wait to do it again. Kirstren has some amazing friends and I feel honored that she continues to let me borrow them! :-)


  1. Mmm...I love hibachi! The first time I went, I did check for my eyebrows ;)

  2. I have never heard of hibachi but man.. it sounds like you had a grand ol' time! WOOHOO!

  3. I LOVE hibachi! In fact we went to a new hibachi place for my birthday this week. I am crazy about that orange shrimp sauce! Yum.

  4. I'm coming here from the ever changing life ...

    I love hibachi also ... especially when they toss the egg up in the air to make the scrambled eggs! Sounds like you had a good night. :)

  5. that sounds like so much fun! hibachi restaurants are the best.

    I'm just getting around to catching up with everyone. I wanted to say thanks so much for your sweet words about my uncle. It meant a lot to me!

  6. This is hilarious. I love your word choices, your format and your perspective. Your night out almost makes me wish I was young again. I'd pinch-foll my jeans, back-comb my bangs, fluff my shoulder pads and off we'd go.

  7. That sounds like a very interesting evening!


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