April 10, 2009

Hershey's Responds

Thank you all for your suggestion to contact Hershey's and share my hairy experience. I don't like to complain...but they really should know about this stuff.


I got a response from Hershey's Consumer Relations department this afternoon.

Thank you for contacting us about REESE'S peanut butter egg. I am sorry to learn of your experience and apologize for the concern this has caused you.Our manufacturing facilities have a comprehensive quality assurance program in place which is taken very seriously. All manufacturing employees and plant visitors are required to wear hair nets and beard nets at all times. This program, as well as a variety of other techniques, helps ensure that our consumers receive a quality product.The information you provided is very helpful. It has been reported to our Quality Assurance Department for review with the manufacturing area.We apologize for the problem you experienced with our product. You will receive reimbursement by postal mail in 2-4 weeks. We appreciate your loyalty as a consumer.

Anyone want to bet that I get a 50 cent coupon in the mail?!?! I guess I'll let you know in...um... 2-4 weeks. All I really wanted was for them to agree that what happened was gross but it would have been cool if they had sent me a gift basket to make up for it! :-)

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  1. I'm sure you'll get a way better coupon than that. Come on, this is Hershey's we're talking about!
    I'm glad you wrote the letter. I've done that with several products now. Ewwwwwwwwww! The Gorton's fish. I actually did a post about it a couple months ago.

    Justine :o )


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