April 13, 2009

Potty Etiquette

Forgive me, but I need to have a little potty discussion. As I've covered before - I work in a "unique" office.

Today I walked into the ladies room and saw someone "kick-start" the toilet. She didn't close the door to the stall, so I saw this whole thing... She walked into the stall, put her foot on the toilet handle and flushed three times in rapid succession. THEN she closed the door. It looked more like a rogue karate move than anything else.

I'm a klutz... so I know that if I tried that - I'd fall either in the toilet or flat on my back. Plus, I'd think that the toilet handle should be cleaner than the floor. Right?!?!

Another potty "oddity" has come to my attention as well. It seems that there are a few people that are standing on the toilet seat instead of sitting! That just can't be safe!!

Am I missing the latest and greatest in potty etiquette? If so, EDUCATE me people!

As a follow-up to this post - let me tell you that I'm working on it. I'd love to show you pictures, but subtlety is the key. I don't want to get any one's faces and still need to figure out how to turn off the shutter sound on my BlackBerry.


  1. Trying my hardest to get the mental imagine of someone standing on the toilet seat out of my head.....

  2. I'm guilty of flushing with my foot...because I just know that some of that being flushed down has sprayed onto there. Yuck! I really hate public restrooms!

  3. You've never flushed with your foot? I have!!

    Justine :o )

  4. I am so trying to figure out the standing thing. What in the world would that accomplish? I think you know some crazy people.

  5. *snickers* hahahahahah Yeah, I've been aware of ladies who squat on the toilet with their feet on the seat. Especially the shoemarks?! I don't get it either. Won't you need to take your shoes and pants and underwear completely off in order to do that without getting pee on your clothes? What I also don't get is... the lock on the door? That has as much germs as the toilet handle does. You don't see people trying to open or close the handle with their feet do you?

  6. WOW ... I totally miss being at work. haha But I still get the play by play here which I love !

  7. Standing on a toilet seat????! OMG! I would fall right in! I just know I would! lmao

  8. Rogue karate move! Hilarious!
    I guess I'm out of the potty etiquette loop too! LOL

  9. Gotta admit that I don't get the standing on the seat thing.


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