April 21, 2009

A Hershey's Resolution

Today was a long day, and I was surprised to see an envelope from Hershey's when I checked the mail on my way in the door.

In a way - I'm pleasantly surprised that they took the time to respond to my complaint. On the other hand - it seems that a hair through the middle of a Reese's cup (or egg in this case) should be worth more than $9.00 in Hershey bucks. Maybe I just have unfair expectations.... Either way, it'll keep my candy jar in the office full for a month!

No clue what I'm talking about? Click here and then here...


  1. wow that is super neat. good coupon I guess for eating nasty hair. yuck. lol.

  2. Well, some resolution is better than none, right? They could have ignored you. Enjoy your chocolate!


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