May 25, 2011

My iPod Has A Favorite Song...

Do any of you have a song that keeps popping up when you let your iPod shuffle?  I do.  I spent about an hour in the car both last night and the night before commuting home.  Both nights (and it's happened before too) I hit shuffle, only to have the Muppets version of "The Lime In The Coconut" come up multiple times.

Last night...twice.  Tonight...four times.  Which brings me to the obvious conclusion that it's my iPod's favorite song.  Or it's possessed.

But let's not ask why the Muppets version of "The Lime In The Coconut" is on my iPod.  Come to think of it...let's not ask how many other Muppet songs I have either.  Mmmkay?!  :-)


  1. Ok.....ny ipod caught your obsession! Great!

  2. My mum has one of them. Hers was saying bad words when da 'puter dowmloaded da while freakin' library on hers...including da Jonas Brothers. It does it's fun to watch hers get mad, I laughs at her.


  3. Lol, that's awesome! My ipod will do that sometimes. At least it's a good song to keep going back to!

  4. Bwahahahaha! I love it! My iPod definitely does the same thing. And it always picks a song that annoys me and makes me wonder why I even have that stupid song on my iPod anyway. Ugh! :)

  5. I suddenly really want to hear this song, because I'm not too sure that I have!

    My iPod loves Bon Jovi and the Glee soundtracks. Like, a lot.

  6. Too funny! I dont have an Ipod (those that know me, know how tech-savvy I am amazes me all the time that I can even do posts on my blog!)
    (What a cute song for your Ipod to have as a favorite! :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    ...just wanted to stop by and say hello! Trying to make sure I get to all those on Kathie's fun Blog Tour! Work this week has been long and busy, so not much blog time for me...I don't think I can manage to even get my one post a week up this week!

  7. A possesed ipod!!
    Happy wednesday!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. that song would not have been at the top of my guess list!

    I'm here from Kathie's blog hop. Enjoying meeting new bloggers :-)


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