May 15, 2011

Tangled... & A Prayer Request

Last week was an extremely frustrating week for me.  (More on that later...maybe.)  To alleviate some of my pent up energy, anxiety, whatever - I decided to "craft it out".  It's kinda like retail therapy, but requires a better attention span and is much cheaper (usually).

So I chose a new sock pattern, my set of size 2 double pointed needles, a new hank of yarn from Knit Picks and dove in.  Not so fast, that hank of yarn told me!  It started pretty like this....

....and I ended up spending quite a bit of time like this....

I've conquered that hank of yarn and hopefully I'll be able to show off my new socks soon.  :-)


Now, I need to ask those that are so inclined to spare a few minutes to pray.  My dear, sweet friend Tiffany has been going through a rough time lately.  She has asked me to share that Dru's (her hubby) grandmother had a hemorrhagic stroke last Thursday.  She is still in a coma.  The family is rallying by her side - but some difficult decisions will need to be made soon.

I'm sure that she would also appreciate any messages of support that you could share on her two blogs - Munchkin Memoirs & Memoirs of A Munchkin Mommy.


  1. Ugh. Sorry you had a bad week. I hope this one goes better. A lot better!

  2. Sending kind thoughts to your friend's family.

    I've had yarn moments like that. Mine are usually caused by Rudy though. He likes to "knit" my yarn before I get to it.

  3. I have tried to do the knitting thing and can't seem to get the hang of it. I feel your pain!

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  5. Hey sweetie! So sorry to hear that you have had a rough week and things for your friend arent going so well. Sending you all some good thoughts~ hope things get better real soon!


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