June 19, 2011

For The Love of Amazon.com...

Today was Father's Day (duh!), and my mom decided to give dear old dad a Kindle as a present. (FYI...this was supposed to be his BIRTHDAY present, so I didn't have the accompanying cover delivered yet.)

*Before I complete this story, let me preface it by saying I LOVE them both.*

Like the dutiful daughter, I spend most of the day with my parents.  About 10 AM, my very flustered mom informs me that all the promos that came as part of Kindle "don't work".  What I didn't know is that my mom had already tried to force the promo codes into places they didn't go, and ended up accidentally buying a few gift cards in the process.

So, I step in.  Taking the Kindle, promo codes, and control of the computer.  What resulted was a hysterical conversation with Amazon's customer support team.  In the span of our 20 minute chat (cuz, I'd rather do that than call them), they let me know that "someone" has tried to input the promo codes over a dozen times - effectively locking my dad's Amazon account from using further codes FOR. A. WEEK!  At that point, I give up all pretense that I know what the heck my parents did before I took over.  I explain who I am, ask them to walk me through all the *interesting* buttons pushed, etc. and beg their help in undoing the damage.

All I can say is - Amazon.com is AWESOME!!!!  They applied a back-end credit for the promos that my dad won't be able to take advantage of on his own, as well as a "extra" credit to get his first book.  Single handedly, they made themselves and me look good!

What companies do you always have a good experience with?


  1. I've had good experiences with CSN Stores. :-)

  2. I LOVE Amazon too - Ann Taylor LOFT as always done right by me too!

  3. That's so funny about your parents - I'm the tech guru for my mom's electronic things too. It was so funny when she got an iPhone and couldn't figure out how to answer it. But that's great about Amazon's customer service! Glad they're on top of things.

  4. That's agreat! I love amazon and their great customer service!

  5. Parents would be lost without us.

    I have to say, I've always had exceptional service with Verizon, too. I even had someone apologize to ME once because MY payment was late.


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