June 01, 2011

Tornado In Massachusetts

All you ladies are going to laugh at me...but I'm a smidge worried.  We have the first tornado warning in quite a while here in the Boston area; and the first time in a LONG time that it looks to be something more than just a passing fancy.

I'm hearing that two tornadoes have already touched down in the western part of the state and one more south of Boston - two towns over from my house.

Torrential rain - I'm ready
Strong thunderstorms - (which we are also getting) Bring it on!
Blizzard - Sure!  It's part of the New England charm.
Tornado - Um...*stunned silence* Not so much

Any words of wisdom?


  1. No words of wisdom...just keep safe. I'm north of Boston and just as stunned as you are.

  2. Don't forget your camera! But in all seriousness, there's never anything wrong with being underground or in your bathtub with a mattress over your head if you can't be underground. :)

  3. Well... tornadoes is not something we experience here but sure I hope everything is going to be ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Tell me about it!! Awful, awful! And so unexpected!

  5. Well, I hope it's over with and that you're safe and sound by now. But this is common in Missouri, so....

    A basement is best and safest. If you don't have a basement, then the innermost part of your house, often a closet or hallway.

    They say that if it's coming, it sounds like a train, but I've never been close enough to one to hear that for myself.

  6. Take them seriously - coming from me, that means a little bit! I usually don't take them seriously, but all that has changed now. If you're really worried, head to the smallest interior closet. Harness the dogs. Hold on. Stick a helmet on your head. (not kidding. i have a helmet in my closet now....) Love ya. Praying.

  7. Cole,
    I am just now reading your post and I can feel your fear. We live with Tornado warnings all the time. It is best to go to a basement or an interior room away from windows like a closet. I spend a lot of time in the closet with my little do Jaque, he is so good when we have to go there. I am praying for you and your community.
    Be safe,
    Miz Helen

  8. I've never been through a tornado but I will surely be praying for you! Stay safe!

  9. We have gotten them here in New York too... it is so scary!


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