February 27, 2012

Book Club Questions

Alrighty, ladies! I took the three books from my initial list that got the most interest, and they are now a poll in the top left corner.  Please vote! The new book will be announced next Monday - March 5th.
I'm happy to recycle the book suggestion next month.  What I'd really like is for you to give me some book suggestions that I can keep on a spreadsheet and use as our "go to" list.  However you'd like to share your suggestions (comment, email, tweet) is wonderful. :-)

Now...we need to pick the questions we'll all use.  As I mentioned before, I think 3-5 questions would give everyone a little structure, but still give enough freedom to make each post our own.  If you don't agree, let me know!  I'm open to any and all feedback!

1. Did you like the book?  Why/why not?
2. Do the characters seem real and believable? Can you relate to them/ do they remind you of people you know?
3. Is the ending satisfying? If so, why? If not, why not...and how would you change it?
4. If you could ask the author a question, what would you ask?
5. How do characters change or evolve throughout the course of the story? If so, how/why?

So...anyone want to design a button for the book club?  Kidding.  Kind of.


  1. So excited. And I like the questions.

  2. I can design a button if you want

  3. Can't wait to read everyone's posts! Maybe the next book could be The HUngers Games? I have yet to read it and feel terribly out of the loop
    Dachshund Nola's Mommy


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