February 03, 2012


I want to talk a little about cheerleading.  No, not the pom-pom - high pony - tiny uniform cheerleading.
Patriots Cheerleaders {via}

But if pom-poms and a good chant are you're thing...that's cool too.

I've seen a fair share of the blog/twitter world beating up on each other lately.  It makes me sad.  Life is hard enough these days. 

The economy stinks. A lot of us are looking for jobs.  Those working are sometimes having a hard time balancing family life vs. work life. Kids aren't behaving...or sleeping...or meeting the milestones...or whatever that is expected.  You know where I'm going with this, right?!

So, I'm challenging everyone to please pick a person today and be their cheerleader! Let them know that you understand that life isn't perfect and you're there to support them.  Tell someone that you love them for all that they are - whether it's the ability to find the silver lining in everything, or that they are the mom you model yourself after, or that they give until it hurts.

I'm not asking that you send flowers or candy or an Edible Arrangement (Though, I'm accepting them, if you're interested! heeheehee).  A text or tweet or email will do.  A simple "You can do it!" or "I'm so proud of you because...".

Ready. Set. Go!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this...I think this is so important especially when there seems to be so much negativity lately.

    Bee tee dubs....I will also accept an Edible Arrangement....mmmm

  2. Awesome post even though I hads to look at them girls...hehehe. Where are their clothes?!?!?!?!

    I thinks everybuddy needs a cheerleader whethers they even know it or not. And sometimes just a nice hello does wonders fur peeps cuz you nevers know what they is going through on da inside of theor life.


  3. This is such a great idea! I think having a cheerleader giving you encouragement is a really good thing.

  4. I LOVE this idea! We all need to be a cheerleader and we all need one from time to time.

  5. Great reminder! Thanks for posting!

  6. great idea! i think everyone needs to do that every once in awhile...but being a former cheerleader i have to say the ones you pictures ARE NOT cheerleaders...they are dancers/entertainers...real cheerleaders are not like that :) but i still love the message :)

  7. I give that a big "AMEN"! Thanks for hosting and writing such a nice, thought-provoking post.

  8. I know I'm 4 days behind in blog reading, but I'm going to do this today. Because you're right. There's way too much negativity.

  9. Amen! I love this post! I've had some really mean anon comments lately and it makes blogging NOT fun! lol


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