March 20, 2012

Mug Swap Reveal

The awesome Ashley and Syndal decided to host a mug swap.  And you all know how much I love coffee, right?! Right!

So of course, I signed up.  My partner is Amanda.  Who, let me tell you - is pretty darn cool! Great sense of humor, super sweet and loves her pups (oh, and her husband).

She send me a box of goodies.  Even with the box, she way outshined me!  I recycled a box, she send me a pretty one!

If you think my skills at blacking out addresses is awesome, then you obviously should start a game of "Draw Something" with me.  :-)

Look at the goods!  A huge polka dot mug, an argyle cold cup (she just must know how much I like iced coffee!), a pound of coffee and treats for the pups.  Let me tell you, the dogs saw those treats and started BEGGING for one.

Ignore my ugly kitchen.  It will get renovated eventually.  Like in 5 years...

Seriously, how ginourmous is this mug?  Love it!

Now go visit Amanda and see what I sent her!


  1. I'm so glad you love everything!!!

  2. What a great swap package! So sweet to include the fur babies some little treats!

  3. What a great package! Amanda rocks!!! Love the mug!

  4. I love that large mug! you got so many goodies!


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