October 20, 2012

Prepping For Hallo-weenie & A Swap Update

I think I'm ready for the potential ridicule.... I admit it.  I dress my dogs up for Halloween! 

You're not surprised?!?!

CRAP!  You all know me too well. :-)

More pictures coming soon...but here's my little pumpkin, Beckett.

And...I've heard from a handful of people that they either got their packages in the mail late or their package is currently MIA.  To make life a little less stressful (and to allow USPS to do their jobs!) we're going to push back our reveal link-up to NEXT Monday - 10/29.

(Quick reminder - the Frosty Paws giveaway ends Saturday at midnight!  Ten lucky winners!)



  1. I wish my doggies would wear costumes... they always chew them off each other! So cute!

  2. Thanks for pushing back the date! I had another hectic week so I was a little late getting mine out but I'm hoping my partner gets it today or Monday! I already got mine from her. :-)

    I ordered Sophie & Sheldon's costumes today and then got an email that they are backordered. :-( I'm not sure for how long but I'm a little irritated!

  3. I dress Nola up too! She's the only one tolerant (or as she puts it, glamorous) enough to put up with it. She was a unicorn last year and will be a devil this year (most. fitting. costume. ever.)

  4. Oops. I think I was a little behind mailing mine, but my partner should have gotten it yesterday. Such is life! Here's to swap revealing - and me winning some frosty paws I hope!

  5. Lucy & Rossi get dolled up for Halloween too! I've cut back on the costumes a little, but we still do something each year!
    I received my (the pups) package from my swap partner! Thanks for pushing back the date, I thought I'd have to scramble & get a post together! Can't wait to read everyone's posts next week!

  6. Sweet! I just got mine today from Kristine! Can't wait to reveal next week.

  7. Too cute! You'll have to post their photos on Halloween!

  8. My bunny has a Batman hoodie and a pumpkin sweater. And yes, he will be wearing it on Halloween.

    I'll admit that pets in outfits are really cute.


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