October 01, 2012

Toy and Treat Swap

I'm so happy to announce that Nola the gorgeous dachshund (with an able assist from her mom) and I are kicking off our toy and treat swap!

We would love if you would join in on the fun!  Sign up will be open until Sunday 10/7 at midnight EST and partners will be matched up on Monday.  :-)

Nola and I ask that you reach out to your swap partner as quickly as possible and learn more about the awesome canines in the house!  The budget for this swap is $10-15 dollars (ie, please spend no less than $10, but no more than $15) not including shipping, and that you ship your swap packages by Monday, October 15th.  Reveal day will be Monday, October 22nd!

*Remember to scroll down and hit "submit" on the entry form!*

The ONLY rule to this swap is that you must be following at least one of us.  Knowing our participants means that we are less likely to have swap partner disappointed or not get their package.


  1. I finally have internet and put my post up! Although I feel like I messed the doc up a bit...oh well ;) I linked to your post in case I did
    Amanda and Nola

  2. I'm so beyond excited for this swap! :) Doggies are excited as well.

  3. So pumped for this swap! So are Frankie and the new addition to my life, Marlin!

  4. This is an awesome idea!!! I can't wait to start shopping!

  5. I am SOOOO in! And I didn't know about Nola before - just followed her!

  6. I hopped over from Nola's blog- we are so in!

  7. Oops! Duh, of course I'm swapping! Major blond moment ;)

  8. Since I've been a complete ditz, my dogs are Nola (2), Boston (2), Auggie (1 1/2) and Phoenix (16 weeks ish). No corn or soy or china made treats. Http://dachshundnola.blogspot.com


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