November 19, 2012

Christmas Card List

I'm biting the bullet and realizing that for the first time in four years, Shutterfly isn't going to help subsidize my holiday cards. (Bummer!!!)  Thank goodness an awesome friend passing along a coupon code she wasn't going to use!  You're the best, Jess!
It's time to start my mailing list!  Want to be on it?!  You know you do!

Make sure you hit "submit"! :-)



  1. I filled it out! I still has your addy so I can send you a card...cuz you knows you want one...hehehehe.

    Actually dis year we did sumptin' different. We designed our own and had them printed through Miller's Lab. Gosh, I hope they is gonna look good.


  2. I filled it out! And I still have your address, so I can send you one too!
    Amanda and Nola

  3. No, YOU'RE the best! :) I know you have my address but I filled it out anyway. I like filling out lists, ok? :) Can't wait to swap cards again!

  4. I've been so behind on blogging!!! Send me your address! I'd love to add you to my card list!


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