December 01, 2012

The Chipmunk Christmas Song & I Challenge You To Find The UGLY!

Welcome to December!  My month o' Christmas music has made its return.  Hopefully I don't annoy the tinsel out of you...  :-)

I'm starting with a childhood favorite! Who doesn't love the Chipmunk Christmas song?!

I know that you all have gorgeous holiday displays!  Pretty lights, a perfect tree, and of course, nothing that could even come close to being called "tacky".  Right?!

Well, I've seen my fair share of tacky holiday displays lately and I'm challenging you to find me the UGLY!!!  Start snapping pictures of the eleven million singing Santa's on your neighbors lawn, the light displays that can be seen from space, the house two blocks away that has a flashing Santa and a house strung up with only red lights...or anything that seems horrifically ugly, distasteful or tacky!

Send me your ugly pictures by Sunday, December 16th and I'll post them all on Monday the 17th.  Then EVERYONE can vote for the ugliest holiday display for the rest of the week.  A prize (exactly what is yet to be determined) will be awarded to the submitter of the worst holiday display!



  1. Oh girl, I can have a field day with tacky decor in our neighbor :)

  2. LOVE the Chipmunk song! I'll see what I can find? Does our 3ft tall doxie light count? ;)

  3. Oh I've got to get a photo of my neighbors packed lawn!


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