December 06, 2012

You Found Me....HOW?!?!

It's been a while since I looked at the analytics for my blog.  Always good for a giggle!  Right? 

Following are my just a sampling of how people wandered onto ye olde blog:

  1.  Hooters.  I'm just going to presume that you were looking for a way to replicate their chicken wing recipe.  MMkay?
  2. Red Sox crap.  OK, OK...they really did have a craptastic year.  I admit it. 
  3. Super hot shirtless guys.  Well, that's pretty darn specific.  Sorry you couldn't find that here! 
  4. Happy endings.  Please, please, please tell me you were looking for the sitcom.  Otherwise...ick!  You are NOT finding that here.
  5. Real weiners.  Given my new blog name, I'm not horribly surprised.  However, I'm still having to shovel my mind out of the gutter.
  6. Thrones.  Why, yes, I am royalty!  Thanks for noticing!
  7. Visiting Boston.  Yep, that one is actually legit.
  8. How to make flip flops. Hmm...if you figure it out, let me know.  I blew out my right flip flop on Monday.
  9. Food or jewelry.  Why choose, people?!  Have your cupcake and your diamond studs too!
  10. Do dogs have thumb nails.  If you're the one that found me that way - I feel compelled to answer you.  No, dogs do NOT have thumb nails...or thumbs for that matter.



  1. Someone honestly wondered if dogs have thumb nails? WTH? Haha.

  2. This is totally my go-to site for super hot shirtless guys!! ;) And real weiners, of course. hahaha This is too funny!

  3. That is really hilarious!!! LOL, our minds think along the same lines (i.e. always stuck in the gutter)

  4. Merry Chritmas Cole!!

    Love this post.....Mona & Weenie

  5. Haha! Isnt it insane how some people come to find the blogs??!?

  6. I once saw a cat with thumbs. But I didn't get close enough to find out if it had thumb nails.

  7. that is crazy! i once was found by a search for a barbie garter belt! I have never even posted about any of those things! :)


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