November 15, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankful - Insomnia

By this point you expect me to be thankful for off-beat things, right?  Good.

Much of the time I wish that I could sleep like other people.  Being in bed and sleep for 6-8 hours sounds fabulous! I actually laugh people (kindly, of course) who complain that they are sooooo tired after only getting six or seven hours of sleep.  That's two to three nights worth of sleep for me!

But, I am thankful for insomnia too.  It's taught me how to make my brain work harder, to get more accomplished than many people and coping mechanisms for being overtired that a lot of people wouldn't think of.  Being an insomniac is likely why I can successfully work a full time job, be co-chair of a rescue, sell Jamberry and still have time for friends, family and a few hobbies!

If you're still up at 3 am, message me.  I'll be up too! :-)


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  1. My husband has insomnia. I feel for him when he has to go to work early. He's tried lots of different sleep aids and none have helped.


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