November 14, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankful - The Ocean

I feel like I should say something about the tragic events in Paris. But I just don't know what.  It feels like just yesterday that my home city banded together and got through the Boston Marathon bombing. My heart hurts for the people of Paris.  I hope they know that the world cries with them and supports them.

When my mind won't shut off or emotion overwhelms me, the ocean is one of the things that I gravitate to.  The consistency of the waves rolling in and out, the smell of salty air and the sound of the waves are calming to me.

I jokingly tell people that someday I'll pack up and leave my little corner of the world.  But the reality is - if the ocean isn't nearby, that will never happen.  I'm just not made to live in a land-locked state.  I need the ocean too much.

What is it you like best about where you live?



  1. I fact, I spent time at the beach this morning....

  2. We live not to far from the beach so I have to agree it is very calming but I also love to just sit out in the woods and listen to the birds.

  3. I agree. The ocean has the most calming presence for me. It's one of the only times I can really shut down my head. The mountains are great, too.
    I can't believe the Paris horror. It makes me sick.

  4. I lived in Utah for 6 years. There were things about it that were fantastic. But also things that weren't so great. The biggest thing missing was the ocean.


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