November 12, 2015

Thirty Days of Thanks - Chocolate

I's one of my sillier and simpler things to be thankful for.  But on a bad day, chocolate is second only to cuddles from my dogs in making me feel better.

If you're going to eat chocolate - eat the good chocolate!  Nothing against Hershey's, but it just can't compare to what you can find in Belgium, France, Germany or the UK.  Chocolate there is less sweet but vastly creamier.  It is amazing!

While I was in England, my last stop before getting on the plane was to the HUGE Cadbury section in Duty Free.  I know, I can get Cadbury in the US, right?  Wrong...kinda.  Technically, they use a similar recipe here, but it's made by Hershey's after they banned Cadbury's from importing directly to the US on their own. Now I have a little stash to get me through the next few months...then I have to go back to England to restock!



  1. I love trying chocolate from different countries on my travels! Chocolate can completely change a bad day around!

  2. Love me some chocolate! The very best one I've ever had was from Montserrat, Spain. It's 75% chocolate, olive oil and salt. Sounds weird, but it actually tastes like heaven! ;-)

  3. I am not a big fan of chocolate, but it doesn't stop me from at least trying it everywhere we travel, because its one of those things that has a very definitive different taste in different cultures!


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