November 23, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankful - Travel

Am so grateful for travel and a family that has a bit of wanderlust as well.  Because my parents loved to travel, and because we had lots of out of state family, I was a roadtrip kid.

I thought everyone got put in their grandparents RV and drove from Massachusetts to New Mexico or California and back.  Or that that all the kids had been to both Disneyland and Disney World, and some of the other larger theme parks before they hit kindergarten.

Let's also take a minute and talk about the fact that my parents put me on a plane ALONE at almost 5 years old from Boston to San Diego and no one thought twice about it.  It was a different, safer world...but I felt like such a grown-up flying all by myself! (Yes, I flew back to Boston on my own too.)

I find travel so joyous and energizing - sometimes even more so than the time spent at the actual destination.  I LOVE TO FLY!  While I still have more countries I want to explore, I feel so blessed to have visited Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Wales, France and Belgium. (And I feel like I'm missing a country or two...)


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  1. I also just adore traveling! Whether roadtrips around the US or traveling abroad....the journey is at the very least, half the fun!!


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