November 19, 2015

Thirty Days of Thankful - My Health

Here's one that is on most people's "thankful" lists.  While I'm not in perfect health, I'm thankful for the ability to manage my asthma so that I stay as healthy as possible.

After being admitted to the hospital in the early Spring with sepsis and asthma issues, I started to take my health even more seriously...  I mean not being able to breath has always been scary, but that trip through the ER and getting admitted was a whole other level of stressful.  So I joined a gym, tried to cut out some extra calories and decided to participate in my health plan's mentoring program.

It's a process...and some days are far more successful than others.  But I feel like it's helped.  The holidays are busy and stressful and I know that no matter how good my intentions are - a little extra dessert will make its way into my life.

Who wants to come walk around the block with me after Thanksgiving dinner?! Ha!



  1. A lot of parks around here are having special events (free admission, nature walks) the day after Thanksgiving to get people out and walking outdoors. I'm hoping I can work off the calories on a hike!

  2. I'll go shopping with you after Thanksgiving! ;)


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