August 05, 2012

Olympic Fever

Sorry I've been missing everyone.  I've totally gotten sucked in by the Olympics.  Not just the gymnastics and swimming either... the sports I'd NEVER ordinarily watch - track, biking, tennis, etc.
Is anyone else finding themselves getting sucked in too?  I swear, I only mean to watch about 10 minutes, but *oops* hours go by.

I'll be back tomorrow with a real post.  But now, I need to go watch more gymnastics!


  1. Haha nope not me. I get seriously bored with them, actually :)
    Nola's Mom

  2. Ummm...the tv is on ALL THE TIME and we never watch tv!

  3. I had been watching for about a half hour yesterday when it dawned on me that I was watching women run a freaking marathon. This Olympics thing is getting out of hand!

  4. I'm not big into the Olympics so I'm missing all my friends who've been sucked into it!! haha. Enjoy! ;)

  5. That pic is too cute! :-) I enjoyed the Olympics so much. Sad it's over now! But fall TV will start soon enough, right?


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