August 08, 2012

Book Club & 3 on Thursday

Howdy!  It's that time again... Mrs. Jones and I are announcing the August book club selection.  We promise (or I promise on behalf of both of us) that we'll be more organized next month and you all will have more time to vote on the book.  Please email one of us or leave us a comment if you have any book suggestions.

This month, we'll be reading:

Between the Lines

A few of you rather astute lovelies noticed that there wasn't a 3 on Thursday post last week.  Last week the topic was "should we keep this linky going".  My post didn't go up as scheduled...and quite frankly - I forgot about it.

Which means, I'm asking you now.  Do you enjoy 3 on Thursday?  Do you always skip it when Andrea and I post it?  We both really enjoy it - but we only want to continue if you do too, and if you'd consider joining in the fun from time to time.  Until we make real decision, we'll be taking a hiatus for a few weeks.


  1. I have that book sitting on my nightstand! I just might join this time :)
    Yes! I love 3 on Thursday!
    Nola's Mom

  2. i love 3 on thursday! and i will be reading this book and participating in the book club :)

  3. How about Where We Belong for Sept book?

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog! I LOVE Jodi Picoult. I have read all of her books, but didn't realize she had a new one! I'm so excited to read this! I need to get my hands on a copy and follow along with you in your book club. I'll be checking the library tomorrow!

  5. Can't wait to post about this book! :-)Thanks for having me friend!


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