August 30, 2012

Updates, Bullet Points and Whatnot...

I'm hauling out the bullet points...hang on, it's going to be a random post!
  • Meadow is getting better!  She's still on an assortment of meds, but I'm weaning off the pain pills.  Fingers crossed - she continues to get better and we don't have to battle the IVDD monster again for a long, long time.
  • Are mushrooms growing in your yard?  They are in mine!  Brady found one last Thursday and got really sick really quickly.  We went to our regular vet, who diagnosed him with mushroom toxicity and made me rush him to the emergency vet.  Lots of tests, pukies and a large vet bill later - I brought him home.  The boy is back to normal, just has a few more days of meds to protect his liver and kidneys from any residual side effects. {See...I knew fungus was bad!!}
  • Please tell me that I'm not the only one that can't wait until the election is over.  People are getting NASTY on Twitter and FaceBook!  I respect people's opinions...just wish that certain people thought before they spoke. Know where your candidate stands on issues that are important to you before you start the virtual mudslinging.  Or better yet - PLAY NICE!  Neither candidate is perfect.  You choose the one that you think will screw up the country the least... In related news - if you don't vote on election day, I don't want to hear you bitch for the next four years.
  • I've started trying to plan my fall TV viewing schedule.  Yikes, my TV/DVR is going to hate me!
  • Someone please remind me that leaving my knitting down where the twin terrors (aka Brady and Paisley) can reach it is a dumb idea.  :-)  I've only started the same cowl four times now!
  • My brother is winging his way down to Atlanta to see one of his Army buddies.  I'm so happy he's getting to go away for the weekend...but a little jealous.  I love his friend and wish I could see him (and his new puppy) too.
  • Time to start choosing September's book club selection.  The poll is in the top left corner... Vote please!  Oh, and if you read this month's book, link up with Mrs. Jones and I tomorrow!
  • Lack of responsiveness seems to be spreading like wildfire lately.  I have a handful of people that I keep following up with and they don't seem to like to respond to emails and/or voicemail.  How frustrating!  Has anyone else been experiencing this?!

OK...if you've made it to the end, you deserve a puppy picture! {Yep, these were already shared on Instagram, but you forgive me, right?!}

Paisley is learning how to drink from a straw.  Seriously.  Meadow does it all the time and is teaching her... Don't come to my house and think your drink is safe.
Brady, Paisley and Beckett are waiting for my parents to walk in the door.  Sure, they look calm...but this was taken about 30 seconds before they started barking and full-body wagging!


  1. Oh my god the photo of the dogs waiting at the door is so cute! I love how excited they get.

    And yeah, people on social media are just going nuts over the election. I totally agree - both candidates have flaws and we just need to focus on who is going to do less harm the next 4 years. My mom tried to get into with me since she's Rep. & I'm a democrat and she got so nasty about it!

  2. Yea Meadow!

    Mrs. Master deleted her facebook and says she's a happier person now. I guess people really annoyed her more than she realized.

    Love those doxie bottoms!


  3. Great to hear Meadow is doing well! You are definitely not the only one that wishes the election is over! Doesn't it seem like one starts right up after one ends though? It never stops!

  4. Yay for Meadow!
    Yes, I am SO sick of the elections! Like I'm gonna scream sick of it ;)
    OMG Nola drinks outta straws too!!! They really are twins!
    Amanda and Nola

  5. i voted for september's book! i will be participating in sugust's book club but i am going out of town tomorrow so my review won't be up until i get back sept. 8.

  6. I love the pic of all three of them looking out the door. That's so Knox! I love them!

  7. Oh my gosh!! I didn't know dogs could drink through straws, haha! I LOVE the waiting at the door picture!!

  8. i love that last picture, absolutely adorable!! I'm so glad Meadow's doing better but poor Brady! They're like kids I swear. haha.. And seriously, quit it with the politics people! I just mentioned that in my post too. I'm over it!

  9. Ick. Mushrooms.
    So glad your pup is ok :)

  10. I love mushrooms! Sorry they made your baby sickie though. :(

  11. drinking out of a straw?? I die.

    yes, twitter is getting nasty. last night I was about to delete the app off my phone.

  12. Mushrooms are ewwwww!
    I hope he is going to be ok!
    We had presidential elections last july... thankfully is over!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  13. I've got to clean out some mushrooms from our back yard tonight! EB hasn't gone near them, so I'm hopeful. :-) But yuck. Booo for all the rain that has brought all this on us!


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