August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Nap Edition (And A Poll)

Yep, it's a collection of my sweet snuggly pups.  As you can see - my dogs love my couch and my bed as much as I do.

I swear Beckett smiles every time I call him a pillow hog!

Meadow knows she's pretty.

Brady and Paisley.  She sleeps on her back most of the time. WEIRDO! :-)

Group snuggle!

Brady snores.  Like a semi rolling through the house...

Alrighty, dog mommas.  I think I want to host a pet related toy/treat swap in late September/early October.  Would you participate?  I'm putting up a poll.  Please vote in the next week.  :-)  Once I know for sure if the swap will happen, details will follow!


  1. These pictures are too cute! I love the group photo :) pillow hog!

  2. We cant have toys...SOMEONE chews them all up.

    So so so sweet pups at your house though!

  3. love, love, love your furbabies !!

  4. Sooo cute!!!! Of course I'm a bit biased to Meadow though ;)
    Nola's mom

  5. So cute! This makes me want to go home and cuddle with Knox!

  6. Those are some adorable nappers. Brady is snoozing hard. I can almost hear him snoring through the picture.

  7. I love sleepy puppies! A tired dog is a good dog - a motto to live by!

    I'd live to participate in a swap! :)

  8. Wow! Cute pack of doxies!

    Christie from

  9. Oh my gosh, how freaking presh! I swear, Frankie knows what the camera is, even on my phone, because he always turns away from it. Except for the two decent pictures I got of him yesterday. Such a diva. :) I'd totes participate! I'm gonna vote now!

  10. Sure... treats are always appreciated here. I love your pix. What a sweet family.


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