August 10, 2012

Notes From Beckett's Crate - Dear Puppies...

Hi, Iz me.  Beckett!  Momma says I've been a good boy (duh!), so I can "borrow" her blog.  Here'z my little letter to the new-ish puppies.

Dear Paisley and Brady,
You is cute.  I givez you dat.  And you fun...most of da time.  I totally 'spected to have to be all assertive and stuffs to get you both to fall in line. Fanks for not making me do that.

I would like to set some ground rules though...
  1. MY TOYS! I'll share some of dem...but not all of dem. AND not all at the same time.
  2. Meadow is our alpha (I mean, after da momma).  Only she is allowed to try and lead me around by the ears.
  3. Please don't put your teefs on our blankies.  They iz fuzzy and warm...and I'd cry if you ruined them.
  4. Trying to burrow under the fence isn't funny.  It freaks out da momma and now she has Uncle JC and Grampy-paws coming tomorrow to help her brainstorm on how to reinforce da fence.
  5. Momma's shoes aren't chew toys.  Trust me.  I learned dat the hard way.
  6. Da mailman IS our enemy (which momma agrees with), but the FedEx guy is our friend.
  7. Practice your "puppy dog eyes". Dey will get you ANYTHING you want.

Brady, I realize dat you is humiliated by wearin' a girly collar. Paisley eat-ed your nice blue one right off your neck.  Momma pwomises dat you'll get a handsome replacement.  So stop giving us da stink-eye.

Da Management Beckett


  1. Hehe I love it! How are you doing? All healed? What ended up happening with Jack-Jack?

  2. Nola agrees with Beckett 110%! She still isn't thrilled about Phoenix, especially when the little pip squeak takes her toys ;)
    Nola's MOm

  3. Madison is notorious for eating the other dogs' collars. So bad in fact - they don't wear them except on special occasions.

  4. Eh, Boston likes her in small doses and Auggie wants nothing to do with her. Nola will sometimes snuggle with Phee but is still very possessive of me, food and her favorite toy :( Lots of individual mommy time and brushing up on basic commands with Nola is helping slowly but surely!

  5. I'd love to! That'll be right around Nola's second birthday too :D (Oct. 8)

  6. So cute! I love when your dogs take over your blog :)

  7. Hi Beckett! Enjoy your new pups, we see that you already have lots of great advice fur them!

  8. oh hai cuzins! wuv, Frank the Tank ;)


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