June 03, 2009

An Attack of STUPID & An Excuse to Shop!

I have a theory - the full moon brings out the "stupid" in people. People who are ordinarily smart, articulate and NORMAL become susceptible to the full moon lunacy...

Case in point: One of my repeat customers called me this morning. She wanted to know if she really needed her computer for a web session. It took a lot of self-control not to laugh. I explained to her that we use Microsoft LiveMeeting and that I would email her the link along with one of our conference call numbers. She seemingly understood this process. At end of going through all their logistical info - she asked me AGAIN why she'd need her computer for training.

One of my friends works in a veterinary hospital. She passed along today that someone called in for an appointment for their animal and then asked if said animal needed to be present for the appointment!! UM, DUH!

Unfortunately, I had a stupid moment today too. I stood in the elevator for over a minute wondering why it didn't move before I realize I neglected to choose the floor I wanted to go to....

Sigh; the full moon doesn't happen for anther 4 days. Does that mean it's going to get worse before it gets better?!?!

And my second thought of the day...
Tomorrow night is my mom's retirement party. HURRAY for her! After 32 years as an elementary school teacher, she's going to hang up her "I've got my eye on you, Buster" stare and say good-bye to the smell of industrial cleaner and glue sticks. Mind you, there are still 15 more school days - but she's excited! And I'm excited for her!

I perused my closet last night and realized that I have nothing summery, cute and party appropriate to wear. That means I need to get my tushie out of the office and go shopping tonight. Not that I need an excuse to shop; but this is a good one! It's all her fault I'm shopping. Heeheehee

I heard a rumor that Bath & Body Works is having their semi-annual sale, so I may need to head over too. :-)


  1. The stupid people stories are HILARIOUS! And I heard about the Bath & Body Works sale also. I am staying away. That store is like crack. I go in because I have a coupon, they're having a sale, etc... Then when I check out, they give me ANOTHER coupon! So I have to go back. It's an endless cycle. That's how they get you.

  2. I've done that in an elevator before. Or, pushed down when I want to go up. Duh!

  3. Come on over and check out my new book giveaway blog :)

  4. I was just at Bath and Body Works today.
    I got Alexa's teacher a really nice gift for basically nothing.... I won't shop and tell! lol!

  5. You really cleaned out B&B Works LOL
    I am going today. You friend Jill reminded me that I need to get Billy's teacher a present!!

  6. I hate when I say something stupid and the minute it leaves my mouth I feel like a moron. Oh well I will blame it on the moon:) Thanks for the heads up about B&B Works!

  7. I love those B&BW sales!

    Yes, the full moon does wacky things to ppl!

  8. Aw, congrats to your mom! And OMG on the needing the computer to WORK, and bringing the pet TO the vet. Geesh!

    Justine :o )

  9. Funny, she asked TWICE about needing her computer? LOL!!

    Oh the elevator incident happened to me too this week!


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