June 10, 2009

New Favorites

I'm a creature of habit, but I've found a few new favorite things...

Pomegranate Jelly Belly jelly beans. I love pomegranate, and have always had an affinity for jelly beans. It's the best of both worlds. :-)

Bones. I've heard other people rave about it, and after seeing all the season finales of my regular shows, I gave in and watched an episode. Now I'm addicted!

Baby doll tops. Summer means light airy clothes. I learned early that I look icky in maxi dresses, but these usually look cute and layer well when it cools down and a cardigan gets pulled on.

Havaianas flip flops. I LOVE flip flops! They are a summer must, and I discovered this brand by accident last year. They are so comfy, have a bunch of styles and price points. I've bought two more pairs already this season. :-)

Do you have any new favorites? Or summer classics?


  1. See now, those flip flops don't look comfy to me. I can't wear any that have plastic stuff between the toes. Ow! I do love me some comfy flip flops though.

    Justine :o )

  2. I just first heard of those flip flops yesterday - the Gap is selling them now (at least online). Also, I am really enjoying fruity ice cream right now. A local shop has this great mango ice cream, and it is definitely calling my name!

  3. I have a rainbow of flip flops in my closet. I live in them all summer.

  4. I must say that I am a fan of my rainbows flip flops and not much else! They are the bees knees (as my sis would say).

    Love bones and must try the jelly beans. Yum!

  5. Im suppose to be PROFESSIONAL at work, but I cannot give up on the flippy floppys! No matter what they say they will do to my back or career! Popping in from SITS!

  6. According to facebook, I AM those flip flops. LOL I really thought I'd be running shoes.....anyhow, neither here nor there. What I love about summer? EVERYthing. I love summer, hate winter. I need to find a way to get to a year-round summer spot. Here I come FL, or AZ...? Maybe Hawaii? I'm popping over from SITS roll call. Happy Thursday!

  7. A friend gifted me with a pair of really cute havianas recently, but I found some possibly even more comfortable flops (also made in Brazil) at Old Navy this week for only $6.50.

  8. Oh i can't wait to try those jelly beans! yum, yum! I love the dr. pepper ones too

  9. I have never seen many of these myself I am the vintage old favorites type of gal but glad to see your new favorites you shared

  10. I LOVE Jelly Belly jelly beans .... they are the only ones I will eat.

    Also .... maxi dresses were made for women 6 feet tall. Can you see someone like me, at 5 foot, in a maxi dress?? Come on!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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