June 24, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away...

...and don't come back. Ya hear?!

I usually like the rain during the summer... the sweet earthy smell right before it starts coming down. And THUNDER STORMS?! LOVE 'em!!

Unfortunately, we've only had three days in the month of June where it didn't rain. It is spoiling my enjoyment of summer rain.

Our forecast looks like this for the next seven days:

Not cool Mother Nature! We played nice; we shoveled all winter; we were patient in waiting for summer. You are going to give us sun and warmth eventually, right???? If I wanted fog and rain all the time - I'd move to Seattle!! :-)

OK, ladies. Make me jealous; tell me exactly how nice it is where you live!


  1. Well where I live is pretty much just like your weather. Bleh.

    Where I am now? Hotter than heck! Today it actually got to 104. Seriously.

  2. Girl, I would give my left nipple for temps like that, rain or no rain! It's been so blasted hot and HUMID here that it's just miserable. When it's 94 in the shade and the heat index is over 100 it's enough to want to just shoot yourself in the head. Or at the very least take a cold shower. Ugh. Wanna trade weather systems?
    Justine :o )

  3. We'd love to make you jealous but honestly, it's too hot here. We'd love a break from the heat.

    Lots of treats -
    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  4. We'll take some of your rain. It's SO HOT here!

  5. so true!! today, believe it or not we got a lil sun -- it was glorious!

    praying it changes soon!

  6. LOL, I'd KILL for rain right now! It is hot and muggy and AWFUL here in FL (heat indexes of 108 and 115)! I hate rain normally too, but geez, it would be nice for some rain about now!

    I hope you get your sunshine soon though, it will be so luscious and green when it happens too!

  7. I wouldn't say it's nice. We've been right at 100 or over 100 here in South Texas. It's like a sauna just walking out the front door. My lawn looks like hay... We are under heat advisories... Hmmmm.... send some rain my way and I'll trade you some sun. :-)


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