June 17, 2009

Just Short of The Nuclear Launch Codes...

After three weeks of being "out" in the field; meaning even fewer communications - JC called my cell phone Tuesday morning. Having the horrible timing that I do, the call came in while I was on the elevator in my office...so I had no reception and missed his call.

It was great just to hear his voice when I picked up the message. :-)

His message indicated that he'd like me to call him back. When I'm home, and I have everything lined up; that's easy (and by easy, I mean at least all my crap is in one place). Calling from work presented a few challenges.

  1. I had to dodge meetings to try and call.
  2. A new international calling card had to be purchased and I had to wait for a new 12 digit PIN. (sigh)
  3. Dodging of meetings and the Senior Leadership team that are in town this week.
  4. JC and I text, so his Afghan cell is in my BlackBerry...but my fried brain didn't want to copy the 14 digit number down onto a piece of scrap paper.
  5. I had to dodge more meetings to try and call.

I finally dial the local access number for the calling card, enter my PIN, dial the ginormous country, city and local number for JC's cell...and get a lovely Afghani couple. Who spoke a bit of English and DEFINITELY thought it was great that I was calling from the USA.

Hung up and tried the whole shebang THREE MORE TIMES. Sigh. Downside - no conversation with JC; upside - I have made friends with a lovely couple!

Better luck next time, right?!?!


  1. I know it must have made you mad that you got the wrong person on the other end of the line but... hey ... you got something to blog about.. You should have exchanged email addy's.. lol

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  3. Wow...I can't imagine going through all of that just to hear my guy's voice. Thanks for the sacrifices..again, Wow..

  4. LOL! At least you found the positive in the situation!

    Justine :o )

  5. Sheesh!

    Hopefully you've gotten to talk to him by now?


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