June 28, 2009

Musical Monday - Summertime

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend...and only have a four day work week this week. :-) I'm so happy that I have both this Friday off as well as the following Monday.

Well, it's finally summer in New England. HURRAY!! The sun shined, the breeze was warm and there was only a little rain. Add in the fabulous BBQ and fire pit at Kirstren's Saturday night and it was a great weekend!

This Monday I'm bringing back an old favorite. You all know this song; don't deny it! It's nice to see Will Smith before he hit it big as an movie star. :-)


  1. YAY! for summer! New England MUST be gorgeous in the summer...

  2. I've always loved that song. Still do in fact! Gotta love Will Smith, whether super famous or not.

    Justine :o )

  3. Summer, summer, summertime!! I heart this song!

  4. Ahhh Will Smith! Gotta love him! Yay for summer! =D

    (Thanks for following me! =) )

  5. This is the best summer song and to me it will never get old!


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