June 07, 2009

Musical Monday - I Know It's Today

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fun-filled weekend. :-)

Today's music choice is "I Know It's Today" from Shrek The Musical. My cousin's (actually second cousin) husband was the bookwriter and lyracist for Shrek The Musical. In honor of their EIGHT TONY NOMINATIONS and their one win - I'm sharing one of their songs today.

Plus, I need to give a big "YAY" to David!! He is fantastic and you should look for Inkheart (he wrote the screenplay) in movie theatres soon! Shrek will win all the Tony awards next year; I'm sure of it!

Did you watch? Love or hate theatre? SHARE! :-)


  1. I'm visiting from SITS. I didn't even know there was a Shrek musical. The song is fantastic!

  2. Visiting from SITS! Great song!

  3. You are sweet to recognize them...they'll win next year! xo

  4. I was surprised it didn't win more. I think its awesome and love how they made it into a musical.


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