June 14, 2012

3 on Thursday - Act Your Age. Kinda.

Hey there, ladies!  I'm really growing to love Thursdays.  It gives me such a thrill when people play along with the questions that Andrea and I post each week.  {Have any good topic ideas?  Let us know!}

3 on Thursday

This week's topic:
Things you like best/worst about being your age.

I know, I know.  This week's topic isn't quite as light and airy as last week.  Sometimes, you learn more by asking a quasi serious question!  So keep an open mind, please. :-)

To make things fair - I'll break from the three format and give you four.  Two things I like best and two things I like the least. And yes...I cheated on the "best" list!
Confidence and perspective.  I'm still a pretty shy person.  But with age has come the confidence that I really am as smart, funny, and lovable as some fabulous people have told me.  Honesty, I'm a heck of a lot smarter than some people have given me credit for.  Just because they have advanced degrees does NOT make certain people smarter than me.  Education does NOT equal intelligence.

Freedom.   I'm sure that all adults appreciate the ability to make their own decisions and only need to justify their purchases, TV shows, cooking taste, etc. to only themselves or their partner.  :-) How many of you said  during your teenage years "Just wait until I'm an adult, mom and dad!"?

Bonus: Being my age puts me in the position that I can cook some great meals, know how to check my car oil, speak intelligently about politics {amongst other things}, and best of all be able to be active in dog rescue. 

Bonus again: I look young enough that I get carded {most of the time} and don't get called "ma'am"; look old enough that I get taken seriously.
Being alone.  I'm thrilled that all my friends and family have found their mates!  Getting to see the family {either blood or chosen family} grow is wonderful.  It's equally joyous getting to help welcome the kids into the world.  I love almost all of the kiddies in my life! Seriously!!!!  But, I'm still single and don't have kids. And sometimes the mommies and kiddies get together and I get forgotten.  Or I get invited but feel a little awkward because I can't contribute to the "aren't the toddler years the worst" convo or the "wow, you have 11 month old twins and are pregnant with another set of twins stuff". I absolutely know that people accept me for who I am...but I've always wanted to be a mom.  I really feel like I'm missing out on a big chunk of life... *Note: I'm kind of sensitive about letting people know that I feel sad about the lack of a husband and kids in my life.  Please be nice.*

Bills. Really, why are there so many freaking bills?  As you go from your twenties into your thirties, the bills seem to multiply!  Mortgage, property tax, home insurance, car insurance, cable, electricity, etc.  Dear companies, please do us all a favor and don't increase your rates this year! Ha!

 You're turn! While you're at it, drop by and show the love to my fabulous co-host, Andrea!


  1. I hear you on the bills! They are horrible!

    I hope you meet a wonderful man real soon!

  2. If it is any consolation, I am surrounded by young males who are just as sensitive about the "being alone". Hang in there!

    Confidence is a fantastic thing. Congratulations on it!

    Bills never go away, I swear. I don't even want to think about them!

  3. I relate to all of these! I went along time being alone, too, and it can be a very trying time, no doubt. Most people really don't understand it, either. I'm totally linking up today - it's been a long long time that I've been MIA!

  4. I agree with all of these! and I too get carded constantly. It sometimes irritates me but if I'm still carded in a few years I think I might like it then. haha!

  5. Hi there, I'm one of your followers, I love all the crochet you do and I join in your food blog hop and I would like to pass on to you the Kreativ Blogger Award, which is a chain letter type thing, but sort of fun, so if you want to see the rules just google it or see http://myocg.blogspot.ie/2012/06/if-you-like-pina-coladas.html

  6. I can def. do without the bills, for sure.

  7. I have an award for you! a little thank you for hosting Tuesdays at the Table each week. http://msenplace.blogspot.com/2012/06/see-ya-in-gumbo-36-plus-award.html

  8. Totally feel you on the bills. Definitely with buying a house! There's so many hidden costs!


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